About me-Devan Curley

hi Im Devan Curley and am from a small town called Monmouth Beach, approxiametly one square mile, small I know! Coming to Rowan will definitely be a big change for me but I am excited to meet new people. learn new things, and have fun along the way. I like to go to the beach and love everything associated with it. I am one of 4 children: I have 3 brothers all whom are older than me. My family means the most to me and I have 2 nephews, one niece, and another nephew on the way in September. I am always up to having a good time and enjoy learning new things each and everyday. I want to travel to all seven continents one day; traveling is what i love to do! I am very friendly and like meeting new people. Looking forward to Comp 1 class!

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